Hello internet, long time no write.

I don’t know precisely what is going to happen here. A container for my rants and raves, possibly. A documentation of buying a house? Hilarious pictures of chihuahuas? Links to things other people have done well? A scratch pad of writing exercises? Notes on books I’m reading?

I don’t really make New Years resolutions, not because I have a problem with them, but it has never been one of those traditions I found particularly interesting or useful.  I guess it’s just not how I roll.  But the truth is, I am turning 30 later this year and the abstract period in my life is coming to a close.  Yeah, I’m always going to be someone without a real career or a traditional adulthood (marriage, house, baby, scrapbooks, PTA) but it is just about time to become the kick ass adult my parents and grandmother have been waiting on me to become.  I’m in a long-term relationship (more on my thoughts about marriage later), I own dogs, I’m getting ready to buy a house (more on that too, obviously), I have a 401K.

Things are as they should be, it seems, and while everything is far, far, FAR from being perfect, I’m deciding to be ok with it all and roll with what comes.  I suppose that’s my goal here – to talk with you and work out exactly what it is I should and should not freak out about.  Most likely I will freak out. Often. Everything will be urgent and dire and you will think to yourselves, wtf Horn.  It’s ok. I’ll work it out.

(And now for those hilarious pictures of chihuahuas I promised.)