I cleaned the wood floors today and the bedroom is always really bad. Stay with me. The dogs’ wee pads are in there.  And while they are very well trained for puppies and they always go in the right place, sometimes their aim is a little off.  We need to clean the floors about once a week (or more realistically, every 2 weeks?) or risk losing the security deposit. Today I was moving the crates out of the way and I picked up the humidifier and gingerly set it on top of a laundry basket full of shoes (plus a hoodie and a pair of jeans and the suitcase I had out).  It glurgled (I know, right!) for a second and I went about my business until I noticed a huge puddle growing on the floor around the laundry basket.  The blasted thing had emptied itself all over the shoes, the jeans and almost completely filled the damn suitcase.

We shall call it, The Great Humidifier Flood of Aught Nine.