The past three days have happened so fast!  No in fact, it seems like last Sunday was just a few days ago (ok, it was a few days ago).  We went out with our Realtor, Lisa, on Sunday with the idea of looking for a back up in case the Gresham offer did not go through (for those playing along at home, Gresham was offer number 263. I’m kidding, but it’s close) and ended up finding one “something to consider” and one “really viable alternative” and we were thrilled with that.  As we drove away from the house on Jefferson we decided that it would be a good idea to go ahead and make the offer.  The Gresham place, after all, was too good to be true and plus we had recently found out they had already received other (read: better) offers.

So onward and upward, Lisa started to do whatever it is she does when we randomly say we want to make an offer on something.  We finished up the initial paperwork on Monday afternoon and our offer was in.  We had hopes for this place for two major reasons: 1) the bank that owned the property was the same bank that Lisa always worked with on her own foreclosure listings and 2) the house was two doors down from a strip club.  Not ideal of course and in fact, Matt and I had a screaming fight about what would happen in six or eight years when we were ready for resale.  Ultimately, we both don’t have strong feelings against strip clubs to begin with and we really liked the house.  Plus there was already a city plan for redevelopment on that street and we felt relatively confident it would be a non-issue in due time.  We didn’t hear anything more from the other agent or the bank that night.

Tuesday was nerve wracking.  Matt did not have to work but I did and all day we didn’t hear anything.  We texted and emailed each other periodically “just to be sure”.  As if one of us would have heard something and then not told the other.  Matt IM’ed me around 2:30: “Can we call Lisa now?”  Not right now, she will call us if she has something to tell us, let’s not pester her.  But ok, we can call her after 5 when the bank is closed.  We never heard from the bank or the other agent that day and I think we both slept a total of 4 hours that night.

Wednesday came and I was swamped with work all morning.  The house did not cross my mind but after talking to Lisa the night before, we felt pretty confident that we would hear something today.  Fortunately I was juggling vice presidents and didn’t have time to stress about it.  That evening the call came from Lisa: we got a counter offer!  What exactly does that mean? my dad asked.  Well, they weren’t completely averse to our offer…

The rest is history, as they say.  We pushed back a little bit, but later heard the bank had another offer and conceded completely to their counter.  We couldn’t stand to lose again and we decided to fight this time.  The afternoon was filled with more anxiety as we continued to not hear anything immediately.  I looked forward to last night because I had a distraction planned for that evening: co-worker’s husband’s concert at the Black Cat. It should do nicely to forget everything for a few hours.  We got home and ate some quick dinner while Matt broke it to me that he had to be at work early the next day.  We decided to skip the show after all (and I totally owe you, yw, I promise we will go next time), and anyway, we might get a call from Lisa.  Our energy quickly drained and we were laying on the couch watching DVRs of Dog Whisperer when Matt’s phone rang.  It was Lisa.

And so here we are.  We have signed more paperwork than I knew could exist today with As-Is addendum and and revisions to the contract and what not.  Matt even had his phone confiscated for all the house-related work he was doing in the middle of the day. I got a call from Lisa a few hours ago saying that we were finished with paperwork and the bank would deliver the contract tomorow, which gives us at least one more day on the clock.  I breathed a sigh of relief and started drawing up my to do list…