A number of interesting, but only if you were really wondering, things have happened since we last spoke.  I will outline them here, if you are good.

  • We had the FHA appraiser through and it went well.  Conservative appraisal, but I’m told this is not surprising as FHA is usually conservative and they are also realistic with the market.  We think that if we had the same person come in three years from now, it would be much higher, even if the house were in the exact same condition.  Regardless, the appraisal is above what we’re paying, so we’re all good.
  • The city appraiser (or however you classify this person- the non-FHA dude?) is apparently an idiot.  And so is the other agent, possibly.  Some how PEPCO turned off the electric between the time we had the inspection and the following week when the regular appraiser was in.  This was apparently and oversight (what else is new, PEPCO) and no one’s fault but the elecctric company’s.  Except then there is the issue of the water, which WASA says has not been turned off and is active since the 3rd.  The appraiser claims there is no water and he can’t do his inspection.  Well sir, did you try turning it on at the main valve?  I know I’m new at this, but even I am aware of the existence of the little lever that is currently preventing the busted pipe in the basement from spewing expensive H2O throughout the house.  Seriously?  Seriously?
  • Finally, the tidal wave of paperwork has moved into a steady trickle (just like the faucet in the bathroom upstairs!) which has me exponentially less freaked out.  We should find out from the broker what bank we are going with (and the interest rate!) later today and I got confirmation my bonus check will be deposited in time for closing.  AND we have a bunch of people coming to check out the apartment in the next few days.  Sigh of relief, drinks all around!

At this point, the Realtor is relieved my Type A-ness is coming towards a more relaxed middle ground and she can focus more on her work and less on my sudden questions over text message.  And I can start packing these infernal boxes…