I have a confession.  We added a third dog to our family.  I haven’t mentioned this for about a month now because animals now outnumber humans in the house and that is borderline weird maybe.  I mean, I’m completely comfortable with it, but I can totally see how this might be viewed as “irresponsible”. I just view it as awesome.

So here’s what happened: Matt somehow came across this woman/irresponsible college student who had just bought a puppy a week ago and had suddenly come to the realization that it was not a good idea.  Matt’s immediate instinct was to snatch this baby up and bring it into our fold.  Yes, he had seen the picture.  The puppy (who this girl had obnoxiously named Spencer – oh hell no) is the spitting-freaking-image of my Dad’s dog, Cheech.  And he’s a long hair. Which is what Matt has always wanted in a chihuahua.

The other dogs now stand in Sonnys shadow.

The other dogs now stand in Sonny's shadow.

We agreed that it would be a good idea to at least meet the puppy.  If this girl was looking for a good home for the dog, we would certainly be it, although neither of us were sure if it was a good idea (then again, what really is the difference between two little dogs and three?).  So the girl came over that night with her mom and the puppy.  Javier and Maya were intrigued at first but they got along after several minutes of the standard butt sniffing and now the three of them are the best of friends.  After the meeting, we agreed that the dog was awesome and that we would certainly rename him, but we decided it wasn’t the best idea for right now.  Matt called the chick the next day, who was decidedly disappointed.  She had liked the idea that he would have other young dogs to play with, two experienced dog owners and a family member who could get us good/free vet care (Matt’s mom’s works at a vet, for those who don’t know).  We were sad and a little bit regretful, but thought we had done the right thing… until she came back with a much lower price on him in addition to her reasons for wanting us to have him.  We had to help a sister out, of course, and also, the puppy was awesome.

So here he is, our newest family member, Sonny Coreleone Scouten (Matt picked the first name, Matt gets the surname).  Our plan is currently that we will take him and train him and make him a good dog (this might be tough, he loves biting ears) and maybe rehome him with a forever family.  We already have good friends who have a little bit of a crush on the guy and they would make a great pack together, and plus we would still get to see him frequently.

I already have the greatest dog story to share now that we have the three totally used to each other.  It is unarguably the cutest thing in the world ever to happen.  Matt was working his double shift the other night, so it was just me and the dogs and we went up to bed early to watch some TV. When I finished watching To Catch a Predator, I got up to do my teeth and take out contacts and just left the dogs in the room (the gate was up so they couldn’t follow me) – they were asleep under the covers anyway and probably had no intention of moving. Well when I came back from the bathroom, all three of them were sitting next to each other on the corner of the bed looking at the door waiting for me.  I said “aw you guys!” to them and they all three reacted at the exact same time (Maya did her signature head tilt, Javi opened his mouth to grin and Sonny waved his ears back) so I came into the room with my arms out to hug them all for being awesome and they all three got up at the same time and started wagging their tails and getting excited.  It was freaking adorable.

Having dogs is so cool.

Sonny always has some sort of stick or bit of something in his mouth.

Sonny always has some sort of stick or bit of something in his mouth.