I grew up in a small town.  Which means I grew up with a small town newspaper.  Everyone who grew up with the same situation is familiar the nicknames you give to your hometown newspaper (actually, I think they do this with the big ones too) so our “Record Herald” was always known as the “Reckless Herald” for all their quality reporting.  The paper was so… quaint… they even published our high school newspaper in a special section every so often.  It’s beyond me how our town produced so many wonderful writers and accomplished journalists.  Oh and when the county fair came to town?  Forget news! It’s pictures of goats and pies and 4-H projects for weeks to come!

That’s why it cracked me up this morning when I got my latest update email from the Presidential Inauguration Committe describing in intense detail the aspects of the luncheon that will follow the swearing in ceremony.  Every detail, down to the catering company and the decorations for the room to what the plates will look like are described in minute detail, just as it would have been if it were published by a Reckless Herald staff writer with few opportunities for a feature story.

The first course will be served on replicas of the china from the Lincoln Presidency, which was selected by Mary Todd Lincoln at the beginning of her husband’s term in office. The china features the American bald eagle standing above the U.S. Coat of Arms, surrounded by a wide border of “solferino,” a purple-red hue popular among the fashionable hosts of the day.

I was instantly in love with this email.  I can hardly wait for the follow up when they describe Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden’s attire.  Maybe they will throw in the name of the designer for Dianne Feinstein’s shoes so I can dash out and get a pair for myself!